The transcription of the 60+ diaries and calendars from the years 1900 and 1910–1951 owned by Arnold Schönberg which have survived in the composer’s estate has now been completed in time for the 147th anniversary of the composer’s birth on September 13.

The transcriptions of around 2,600 pages enable a variety of insights into Schönberg’s daily and weekly schedules at home and while traveling, and also the indexing of works, persons, places, and events. The entries document professional and personal details, and allow us to trace the composer’s life in Europe and the US. Special days such as birthdays are noted down, as are concerts, student lessons, and also meetings with friends and colleagues.

Some years are documented several times in pocket diaries and desk calendars with overlapping entries, while several other years remain undocumented as the relevant diaries and calendars are missing. There are a few entries in different handwriting, such as this one by Schönberg’s 8-year-old daughter Nuria.

The digitization and transcription project has now made this extensive section of the archive accessible for research purposes and the interested public for the first time.